India Market

India is often described as a sub-continent within a country, one of many different languages and customs, which require that businesses understand regional nuances and preferences. In addition the majority of Indian businesses are entrepreneurially driven, privately-run enterprises which engage with companies on the basis of trust and referred introductions. At Glocalmakers, we have senior level access to leading industry executives, companies and investment funds and understand the particularities of the Indian market. We can help you define, establish and accelerate your India strategy to maximum the business opportunity while reducing the risk.
In Cleantech :
  • • India currently has a power deficit ranging between 10-15% during peak hours—transmission losses are among the highest in the world (35%). Renewable energy is an economic imperative and will represent 20% of the energy mix by 2020..
  • • India has the 5th largest power-generation capacity in the world and thus, offers huge opportunities for the companies with plans
In Infrastructure :
  • • India will spend $1 trillion on infrastructure in the next five years of which 50% needs to be contributed from the private sector. Roads, railways, ports and powers are given strategic importance by government support..
  • • The construction boom in India will increase floor space from 8billion sq m in 2005 to 41 billion sq m by 2030.
  • • India has 110 ‘ce.
Telecom :
  • • In January 2012, India’s mobile subscriber based reach 940 million; by 2013 the country will be in the top 10 broadband markets.
  • • With the launch of 3G and 4G services and proliferation of computing devices (smartphones and tablets), the number of internet users is
  • • expected to increase from 80 million in 2011 to 400 million by 2015. Growing demand,