Market Entry Strategy

Build Operate Transfer :
Launching and building a new subsidiary in a new market can be costly and complex in its formative years. The investment made in to such a new venture can take a few years to provide a positive contribution to your consolidated operations, and have a negative impact on your balance sheet. Combine this with new and potentially complex local statutory, legal and HR requirements and the whole undertaking of building a subsidiary can be risky.
GlocalMakers offers a unique capability to enable you to build-out your subsidiary in India while reducing the risk. We have developed tax-optimized statutory corporate structures to create, build, operate and then transfer ownership of your subsidiary in India. This is a unique offering for technology companies wishing to extend in to India.
Market Entry Strategy in Other South Asian Markets :
Success in the Indian marketplace, where pricing and competitive challenges abound, can often translate to successes in other regional markets. GlocalMakers helps you extend your reach with geographical expansion into other South Asian market with services that develop and implement a strategy for market penetration in neighboring countries.